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7 Lovely Macrame Christmas Decorations For Your Holiday


Christmas is a special occasion for everybody. Doing Christmas decorations together with your loved ones is a joyful event you would not want to miss. The holiday will also be more heart-warming when you’re handcrafting your own decorations. Why shop for generic Christmas decorations when you can craft one?

For you all macrame enthusiasts, this is your time to shine! Macrame crafts have always been known to be lovely decorations for every corner of your home. Now that Christmas is here, it’s time to step it up a knot, pull out your cords, and awe your guests with those frills and knots.

Here are some macrame Christmas decorations ideas you can incorporate to the warmth of your home.

Macrame Christmas Wreath

Macrame christmas wreath


Hanging wreaths on Christmas symbolises a lot of things. Originally, the wreath was meant to represent the crown of thorns worn on the cross, whereas the evergreen branches signified eternal life. In ancient Rome, wreaths were hung on doors to signify victory. And according to German folklore, wreaths on the wall symbolise continuity and sustained life during the bleak winter season.

But today, hanging wreaths can be a fun exercise of your creativity in addition toto completing your set of Christmas decorations.

Nook Theory has everything you need to make a macrame Christmas wreath. You will need a single-strand string for the ornament, a 4mm macrame cord for the hanging string, and a gold macrame ring. You can even opt to use some olive green cords to resemble the leaves and branches of an actual wreath.

Once crafted, you can hang them on your door or on your walls. Whichever one you choose, a macrame Christmas wreath will be a perfect addition to your house’s holiday decorations. 

Macrame Christmas Tree

Macrame christmas tree


Who said that a Christmas tree needs to be made from an actual tree? When equipped with the proper amount of holiday spirit, a macrame Christmas tree can be more pleasing and memorable than a generic tree. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the pine needles leaving a mess on your floor.

Not just visually pleasing, a macrame Christmas tree is also functional, since we will use planks of wood to serve as shelves. To bind them together, you’ll need a series of rotating square knots. Nook Theory’s 5mm macrame cord is perfect for this.

Once crafted, you can further decorate your macrame Christmas tree with various ornaments that you like. Some examples include aromatic candles, dried flowers, branches, or even hanging some festive Christmas lights along the ropes. And since you’ll be hanging the macrame Christmas tree, there’ll still be space to leave gifts at the bottom of your tree.

Macrame Christmas Socks

macrame christmas socks


Hanging socks on Christmas eve is a popular Christmas tradition. is evergreen. Now it’s time to step it up a knot with macrame magic. This macrame sock project is highly customisable, since you’ll be using wool felt as the sock’s inner pocket. You can craft the macrame knots in any way you want—-the only limit is your creativity.

We recommend using 3mm 3-ply macrame cords for this project. Nook Theory has all the cords you need in various colours. Brighten up your Christmas decorations with white, red, or green macrame stockings.

Macrame Christmas Reindeer

macrame christmas reindeer

(@Soulful Notions)

Are you still wondering what decorations you should hang on your Christmas tree this year? Worry not! Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is here to illuminate your house this Christmas. Crafting Rudolph the reindeer in macrame can be a very satisfying, aesthetic addition to your macrame endeavours. Plus, the kids will love it.

This piece of macrame decoration is best crafted with 3mm macrame cords in multi colours. Nook Theory has all the colours you need for 3mm 3-ply macrame cords.

Macrame Mini Stars

Macrame mini stars

You can always find star-themed decorations on Christmas, whether as tree-topper or as hanging decorations. But why choose plastic stars when you can craft one out of macrame?

With a wide list of macrame cord colours available at Nook Theory, you don’t have to worry about lacking festivities in your Christmas decorations. They’re quite easy to make. You can even add some frills to make them resemble a shooting star.

Macrame Snowflakes

Macrame snowflakes

Christmas, snow, and winter always go hand-in-hand with each other, especially as a decoration theme. That is why a macrame snowflake will be a wonderful addition to your macrame Christmas decorations. A white or cream 3mm single strand cord will be perfect for this project. Embellish your white christmas with this beautiful, soft macrame snowflake.

Macrame Mini Angel

macrame mini angel

Embrace the holy night of Christmas with an addition of mini macrame angels in your decorations. The uniqueness and beauty of this macrame piece will successfully leave anyone who saw it in awe of your creativity.

To make this piece, you will need a hefty amount of cotton macrame cords. Lucky for you, Nook Theory macrame supplies are made of 90% cotton or recycled cotton. The softness of the cotton material is perfect for these mini angels to spread their frills and light up your Christmas.

Get Your Macrame Supplies for Christmas at Nook Theory

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. We know that you would love to make it a memorable experience. Decorating your place of celebration with loved ones is one way to do it.

This is where macrame Christmas decorations come in handy. Make your Christmas ornaments with top quality cords, available at Nook Theory. We offer soft, cotton cords at various sizes and colours. The touch of our natural cords combined with your macrame skills shall give satisfying results, enabling you to enjoy your Christmas decorations to the fullest.

Whatever you’re going to make — from wreaths, trees, stars, angels, or snowflakes —we got you covered.

Make any place your home. Shop now at Nook Theory.

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